Summer Days

Whoa, it’s been about eight months since I’ve blogged here. My goal was to write here once a week to record our first year of married life and beyond, 14 months in I’ve been here 3x, opps! In our first year we moved to the westside of downtown to a little house on Carroll Drive. It was so cute at first glance and caught our eye because of the fenced in back yard and the white picket fences on either side of this house. Inside it had a good size kitchen that we could cook together in and lots of natural light in the family room in the back. The downsides were the small bathroom and closets but we thought we could live with that for a while, the yard really spoke to us. A few weeks in things started breaking, first the dishwasher leaked, then the heater went out (and in it being December, that was crucial to living!) then the giant yellow fridge leaked, the clothes washer was LOUD and also LEAKED! Spring came and it only got worse, the yard literally sank with the rain and bumps began appearing on the walls from moisture inside. The Roof is now freakin leakin and I have headaches that grow worse by the day because of the mold in the roof and possibly everywhere else in this old house. And our landlord? He responds to every issue with ” oh everything in that house works fine, they don’t make ______ like they used to”. Needless to say October can’t come any faster for the Robinson household! The good news is that we’ve learned our lesson about not doing research on the history of the house and asking when things have been replaced. Did I mention that I’ve killed 2 roaches in this darn house today? 

Nope, no pictures of the house. I don’t like it enough to take pictures of it. Instead, for reading thru this long post I’ll reward you with pictures of the blueberry patch that we went to this weekend. Now that was fun! 12 pounds of blueberries for $20 and about $10 in gas driving to Dacula,Ga where the bushes live in someone’s yard. ImageImageImage


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