Vacation is on the horizon!

I can see it and it looks incredibly relaxing! We are headed to lake Hartwell for a week to catch some rays, read some good fluff books, spend quality time with each other and maybe find some treasures in the sweet southern town of Anderson, SC. This week has been busy finishing and starting to edit clients pictures and sending some out (which is always a great feeling!) and because of that I decided to use some of my Wednesday to do a thing or two for me. This morning I turned on the Bachelorette and took out everything in my closet, the giant pile of dirty and clean clothes mixed together and my 48 pairs of shoes collection and can’t-even-count purse collection. I washed, dried, folded, hung up clothes and even switched out my winter and spring clothes box. I  felt so accomplished that I even went into the office (which I’ve been avoiding for this reason) and clean it off! I think my husband will be SO happy as I know it must have been bothering him and I can’t wait to show it to him when he gets home later tonight. And I’m looking forward to having a new house with a larger more easy to KEEP organized closet!! 

Now I’m off to edit pictures for the next few hours and check more things off of my to do list! 


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