Protector Girl!

I have always been an animal lover, and I believe part of that is my personality and caring nature and some of it my parents encouragement in having dogs in our home and teaching me that God wants us to be gentle towards them. When I found my dog, Libby on the side of the road I sensed a sweet nature in her and we immediately bonded, she was my best little buddy for a difficult growing time in my life and I am forever grateful for her. The years of me taking care of her and loving her paid off last week in a big way that I knew was there but never thought I would need. 

Early Wednesday morning at 6:30 am (while I was still sleeping, mind you!) when there was a knock on the door. Thankfully Matt had just gotten home from the gym and answered the door, not me!! A woman high on drugs was there yelling jibberish and begging to come inside our home. Matt asked the woman (very firmly) to leave our property and not to come back, as she continued her banter, Libby came up and started barking and barring her teeth and I am so grateful for my man and my pup! Since then at every little noise she has gone up to our door and laid down in front of it, I love my protector girl and of course am grateful for my sweet husband, who I have no doubt would protect me and my sweet Libby. Image


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