A little something special

One day in August I took a simple test and it changed our lives completely. Here’s the story behind that day.

I hadn’t been feeling good for the last four or five days, but told myself it wasn’t anything but just another period coming on and disappointment flooded my heart. Matt and I both had a desire to become parents and shortly after our first anniversary we stopped preventing that from happening. Every month that there wasn’t a baby on the way, I would be upset and it was difficult for both of us. I know my hopes were up too high and nievely thought that since I am so young, we would get pregnant that very first month. I was so excited and wanted to give us the best chance that I bought opk tests off of amazon and took my temperature every single morning, it became very exhausting and by July I was over it. I still took an opk that month just to make sure things were working but tried to relax and not worry about things so much and rest in God’s plan for our family. Funny enough, I did keep that opk, just in case when in previous months I had just thrown them away.

That last week in July/first of August I was late and didn’t feel like myself. I told Matt if nothing happened by Friday I would take a pregnancy test. Well, Thursday morning I woke up  frustrated, not knowing what was going on with my body and went to take that test. Matt walked in the bathroom (probably because I hadn’t even said good morning to him!) just as I was dipping the test in. I remember turning to him and telling him that I was “just sick of this” and we both looked at those little lines, and I said “are you seeing what I am seeing”?! That test line was dark, almost darker than the control line itself! Matt then went to the store and bought a digital test, just so we could be sure and within 10 seconds it came up bearing that amazing word: Pregnant. Matt had the biggest grin on his face and said something like “my boys can swim”, of course 😉 I was still in shock and reality sunk in, this was really happening and I instantly thought of how careful I needed to be now with everything, the worry of a momma sets in super early! I also was instantly grateful for this sweet blessing and thanked the Lord and prayed that the baby was growing and healthy. 


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