First ultrasound

At 6 weeks we went to the doctor and had my levels checked, and there was no doubt that I was pregnant! They gave me a due date of April 7th and with so many April birthdays in the family, there is a pretty good chance of our baby sharing a day with a family member but I’m kind of hoping he/she has it’s own special birthday.

A few days later we had the first ultrasound and I was so nervous because it was internal and I didn’t want anything to get close to my precious baby. After being reassured that it is super safe, I got excited about seeing our child. Everything was still so small but was all in the correct place and on track, and we did see the heartbeat, which is almost as good as hearing it. The ultrasound itself was too quick, I could’ve looked at that baby all day long, which I will do in about six months πŸ™‚ We came out with a couple pictures and a changed due date of four days later, April 11th. Matt was happy about this, as it’s his birthday πŸ™‚ And it really doesn’t matter as babies come when they want too, and first time momma’s tend to go over their due date anyway.Β 

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