Telling our news

After saying we wouldn’t tell anyone for a little while, since it was so early (about 3 weeks!) we changed our minds five minutes later and started to plan how we would tell our families that the first grandchild is on his/her way! Obviously the most fun and exciting way would to tell them all in person, and we were able to for most of them, unfortunately Matt’s mom was out of town. And she called it before we actually told her, mom’s just know these things because it turns out my mom did too;) On the way to tell my parents, we called Aunt Betsy to see when we could meet with she and Uncle John, and yes, she guessed it again before we could say anything, but oh so excited saying “this kid will be spoiled rotten”. Thank goodness we only texted Aunt Amy and made plans for dinner the next day. My mom also made it very difficult to keep it a secret with her little “game” of twenty questions before everyone was in the same room. Once we were sitting down for dinner and in a conversation of how grown up my brother looked that day, I told Caleb that he should start dressing older since he is going to be an uncle and of course everyone screamed with excitement! I wish now that I had pulled out my phone to record their reactions but didn’t want it to be so obvious with all of the too smart for their own good family members we have!

Friday, we were able to have breakfast with Matt’s Dad and he was excited and started tearing up a bit, our baby is so blessed to have such sweet grandparents already. That evening we met up with Aunt Amy and Uncle Brandon and told them, I am so glad we were able to tell most of our family in person, it was a moment that we had been looking forward to for months and it was so fun!

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