We are Matt (old) and Lauren (young) and we are artsy, goofy, john mayer obsessed, toms shoe lovers, and jesus freaks living in the good ole southern town of Atlanta. We live at coffee shops, stay glued to our mac computers and love our dogs, Libby a springer spainel lab mix and a cavilier king charles spainel, Elvis.

Matt is an graphic designer and has a love for creating the most unique wedding invitations (um, hello, have you seen ours?) and Lauren is a photographer specializing in capturing young families. We love people, helping them, laughing with them, praying for them and most importantly loving them. Especially our families, and that’s a lotta lovin’ because between the two of us we have ten siblings, brother in laws and of course our parents, grandparents etc!

We also love traveling, we’ve been to Jamaica together and hope to go again next summer. Our latest adventure was our honeymoon, after we got married on April 3rd 2011!! We are absolutely loving being husband and wife and getting to spend the rest of our mornings waking up next to each other.


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