Say hello

We are so glad that you took the opportunity to stop by our blog- and now that you’re here, we demand (but with all the etiquette of a well-mannered Southern couple) that you let us know you stopped by!

If ya could (and we know you can) add a comment and just leave your name and email address.  We will add your email to our contact list and periodically send out random, funny, or (somewhat) formal emails to keep you up to date on all the fantastic goings-on in the wonderful world of us!

Best wishes,


4 Responses to Say hello

  1. John & Betsy says:

    We’re SO happy for you two! We’re looking forward to celebrating with you on 4.3.11!!!
    Love you tons!
    John & Betsy

  2. amy says:

    i wont be the one in white but ill be there for sure.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    LOVED the save the date. Love the site, too!
    I’m so happy for you two. Lauren, you are beautiful and I’m so happy you have found the man who will treasure you always.

  4. brandon brown says:

    congrats. cant wait for april 3rd.

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