We are here!

The lake.

And it greeted us with “Do you need help findin’ somethin’ mam” and “Have a nice day, mam” at Bi-Lo (yes, you read that correctly, it’s a grocery store:)  when we arrived late yesterday afternoon.

I woke up this morning to the sun softly shining thru the blinds,the house was cool and the bed warm because my husband was still sleeping next to me! Now that is a treat to me, as he usually sets the alarm for freaking 5 am at home. And no, I will never understand his need to “start the day” at that ungodly hour.

I slowly got out of bed and took the pups outside and made some oatmeal and coffee (the perfect combination for breakfast I think). As I sat down with the warm mug in my hand I had the desire to spend some time in the presence of my heavenly Abba, it seems he always nudges me up here, where it’s quiet. So I went back into the bedroom and grabbed a book that I have heard about for a while but just recently was given and opened up. The way the author writes is dreamy and romantic and it soothes me somehow, makes me realize that the Lord really does care for me in the way that my own daddy does. The book is One Thousand Gifts by Ann VosKamp. The chapter (or section) that I’m reading right now is just starting off with the actual title of the book, that of gifts that the Lord gives us each and everyday. It’s the little things and the author says some what child like but then realizes that that is how the Father wants us to be anyways, like a child in thanking him in praising him for the little things. I don’t know if I’ll post it here but I will make a list of a thousand gifts but here’s a few of mine…

The sound of water hitting the shore.

The smell of sunscreen.

The scent of conditioner still in my hair.


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Protector Girl!

I have always been an animal lover, and I believe part of that is my personality and caring nature and some of it my parents encouragement in having dogs in our home and teaching me that God wants us to be gentle towards them. When I found my dog, Libby on the side of the road I sensed a sweet nature in her and we immediately bonded, she was my best little buddy for a difficult growing time in my life and I am forever grateful for her. The years of me taking care of her and loving her paid off last week in a big way that I knew was there but never thought I would need. 

Early Wednesday morning at 6:30 am (while I was still sleeping, mind you!) when there was a knock on the door. Thankfully Matt had just gotten home from the gym and answered the door, not me!! A woman high on drugs was there yelling jibberish and begging to come inside our home. Matt asked the woman (very firmly) to leave our property and not to come back, as she continued her banter, Libby came up and started barking and barring her teeth and I am so grateful for my man and my pup! Since then at every little noise she has gone up to our door and laid down in front of it, I love my protector girl and of course am grateful for my sweet husband, who I have no doubt would protect me and my sweet Libby. Image


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Vacation is on the horizon!

I can see it and it looks incredibly relaxing! We are headed to lake Hartwell for a week to catch some rays, read some good fluff books, spend quality time with each other and maybe find some treasures in the sweet southern town of Anderson, SC. This week has been busy finishing and starting to edit clients pictures and sending some out (which is always a great feeling!) and because of that I decided to use some of my Wednesday to do a thing or two for me. This morning I turned on the Bachelorette and took out everything in my closet, the giant pile of dirty and clean clothes mixed together and my 48 pairs of shoes collection and can’t-even-count purse collection. I washed, dried, folded, hung up clothes and even switched out my winter and spring clothes box. I  felt so accomplished that I even went into the office (which I’ve been avoiding for this reason) and clean it off! I think my husband will be SO happy as I know it must have been bothering him and I can’t wait to show it to him when he gets home later tonight. And I’m looking forward to having a new house with a larger more easy to KEEP organized closet!! 

Now I’m off to edit pictures for the next few hours and check more things off of my to do list! 


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Week of Freedom!

One week from yesterday was my last day working at my part time job. This week has been a week of freedom, I feel like a new woman from not having to deal with entitled people, spoiled children and a boss who has no respect for her employees. It has been a breath of fresh air, to do what I love during the day and spend the evenings with my sweet husband! I feel much closer to him now, cause give me some quality time and I feel sooo loved! Until I walked out those doors for the last time that day, I didn’t realize how much the stress from my job was putting on my body, my spirit and my marriage.

And I am sad, not that my job did that to me,  but that I LET it do that to me. Yes, it was the kind of stress that I couldn’t control, but I tended to carry it home with me and complain about it to my husband. When falling asleep at night I let my mind carry on with thoughts like: “how I could I change things for the better at work” or “I should have known that”. My anxious heart tried so hard ponder the year that I was there and what may have been. When the real truth was that I handled everything professionally, even when inside I was screaming! That being said I am still grateful for my experience there and for that year because I got to work with one of my amazing sister in laws and meet many truly good people who have become friends and for that I am grateful. Thank you Jesus for blessing me with a growing year and for granting me this next stage of my life to be able to pursue my love for photography.

And please check out: www.laurenrobinsonphotography.com

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Summer Days

Whoa, it’s been about eight months since I’ve blogged here. My goal was to write here once a week to record our first year of married life and beyond, 14 months in I’ve been here 3x, opps! In our first year we moved to the westside of downtown to a little house on Carroll Drive. It was so cute at first glance and caught our eye because of the fenced in back yard and the white picket fences on either side of this house. Inside it had a good size kitchen that we could cook together in and lots of natural light in the family room in the back. The downsides were the small bathroom and closets but we thought we could live with that for a while, the yard really spoke to us. A few weeks in things started breaking, first the dishwasher leaked, then the heater went out (and in it being December, that was crucial to living!) then the giant yellow fridge leaked, the clothes washer was LOUD and also LEAKED! Spring came and it only got worse, the yard literally sank with the rain and bumps began appearing on the walls from moisture inside. The Roof is now freakin leakin and I have headaches that grow worse by the day because of the mold in the roof and possibly everywhere else in this old house. And our landlord? He responds to every issue with ” oh everything in that house works fine, they don’t make ______ like they used to”. Needless to say October can’t come any faster for the Robinson household! The good news is that we’ve learned our lesson about not doing research on the history of the house and asking when things have been replaced. Did I mention that I’ve killed 2 roaches in this darn house today? 

Nope, no pictures of the house. I don’t like it enough to take pictures of it. Instead, for reading thru this long post I’ll reward you with pictures of the blueberry patch that we went to this weekend. Now that was fun! 12 pounds of blueberries for $20 and about $10 in gas driving to Dacula,Ga where the bushes live in someone’s yard. ImageImageImage


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Labor Day Weekend

If walls could talk, what would they say? If streets could tell us who walked them long ago or what happened on their dingy cracked miles, what secrets would be revealed?

That was what was going thru my mind as we walked thru old Savannah, Georgia this past labor day weekend. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved old buildings the rustic look they have, the history bursting through the creaking siding, brick or tabby. Maybe it’s because the days ( and the things left behind) long past have a mystery to them for me because I live in such a modern world. I have seen pictures and drawings of the old southern towns but I wish I could go back in time just for a little while to watch America grow up. Since Matt had lived there before he knew just what streets would make my creative mind go wild! We walked past gorgeous old victorians and town homes being renovated, thru square after square full of amazing old oaks with spanish moss flowing to the ground. My favorite and most everyone else’s, Forsyth with the glorious green space, fountains, and musicians playing their well rehearsed tunes. One of the duos we came across were playing the bagpipes and I thought of how my Scottish loving sisters, had they been there would’ve burst into a celtic dance.

On Saturday of our trip after much encouragement (and possibly and tad bit of bribing) I convinced Matt to drive us to the outskirts of Savannah to Boneventure Cemetery. I had heard it was beautiful and I wanted to photograph it so badly,
We arrived and were at once in awe of it peacefulness. It wasn’t errie at all, which I expected, it being a burial plot and everything. As we walked the well worn paths, I happily clicked away on my trusty camera while stopping every minute or so to take in the quiet and to think about who these people were when they were alive, one thing stood out: they were old Savannah’s upper class. Some of the headstones were as tall as six feet and made out of pure white marble. Not that it mattered now, they were long gone, but who were they while they lived? A found an answer on one of the gravestones that made me want to strive to be a better, wife, sister, daughter and friend. A freemason who bones surely turned back to dust many years before, had this written on his : ” He lived life, not for himself, but for others”.
After leaving the cemetery the last adventure I made Matt go on was to Wormslowe Plantation. Unfortunately and neat at the same time, the family still lives in the 1800’s plantation house on the property and no visitors are allowed. We were able to drive down the driveway to the marsh and take pictures for a fee, which me being the rule follower that I am, paid 🙂 It was SO worth it to me and I will treasure those images of the oak trees arching over the path forever!!

Our nights in were spent with our friends, Trae and Jessica and their adorable pups, BeBee, Clairee, Jackson and Reebsie, who make their web debut on this blog as I fell in love with them all and couldn’t stop taking pictures of them. Both evenings we went out to hear amazing music, the first we listed to Trae’s friend, Lauren who loves 60’s and 70’s country, she and her music partner, Kyle were really talented at bringing there voices together to create a beautiful harmony.
Saturday night we were once again put in a trance by our super talented friend, Trae Gurley. Y’all, Frank Sanatra himself, would be in awe with the voice that comes out of that man. He played the guitar and sang at our wedding reception and we were so honored that he did. We are so blessed to have such talented friends and generous ones at that, who shared their too cute bungalow with us the whole weekend. We were sad to leave them on Sunday morning but wanted to spend time with my dear Meme and Pop in Brunswick. I don’t get to see them too often and I wish they lived closer, but I do love having a place to stay near Saint Simons and the beach. Matt and I took a quick trip over to the island, just to stand on the place where we were married, it hasn’t changed at all and it will forever be special to us. Afterward we went back to my grandparents house and we went thru old pictures of my mom growing up, it was a sweet time and I’m so glad we went.

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A few of my favorite things

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